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Welcome to the world's first full-featured online classifieds!

Cheshire Classifieds is an all-in-one classifieds marketplace for consumers to find, book & request products & services from freelancers, entrepreneurs & businesses across all industries.

Introducing our range of Listing Types with advanced contact & booking forms BUILT to promote your business products, services & events beautifully! 

Cheshire Classifieds is an all-in-one marketplace & lead generation platform for businesses to:
  • Create a Business Profile Page
  • Create Listing Pages to sell or rent out pr
  • Receive Calls, Bookings & Orders from potential customers
  • Promote Niche Service
  • Rent & Sell Goods & Property
  • Manage Bookings, Requests & Messages
  • Promote & Market a Product, Service or Event
  • Increase Sales, Revenue & Customer base
  • and so much more!

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